On this page, you can find all the resources related to the Feminists in Action project. Reports, additional information and figures on the project or studies on the needs, challenges and funding situation of organisations on the ground can be found here. Enjoy reading!

Overview of the needs
of feminist organisations in developing countries

Feminists in Action called on the Egae Group to carry out an inventory of the feminist movement in the different countries where the project is being implemented. This study particularly highlights the gap between existing funding and what feminist CSOs actually need. To find out more and understand the challenges and difficulties of organisations on the ground, click on one of the two buttons.

women's rights: fighting the backlash

The Fondation Jean-Jaurès and Equipop publish an analysis of the backlash against women’s rights and make recommendations for France to pursue a genuine feminist foreign policy. The report reviews the situation in twelve countries, and proposes three key recommendations to counter the backlash.

8 billions lives, infinite possibilities: the case of rights and choices

In November 2022, the world population eclipsed 8 billion people. For many of us, it represented a milestone that the human family should celebrate — a sign that people are living longer, healthier lives and enjoying more rights and greater choices than ever before. The relationship between reproductive autonomy and healthier lives is an uncontested truth: as women are empowered to make choices about their bodies and lives, they and their families thrive — and their societies thrive as well. Yet that was not the message heard by much of the world. Instead, many headlines warned of a world teetering into overpopulation, or that whole countries and regions were ageing into obsolescence. Read here the 2023 report of UNFPA. 

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