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Engagement, diversity and feminism

Concrete activities, demonstrations, viral campaigns on social networks, challenging governments, setting up associations, collectives, cooperatives or networks: everywhere in the world and all the time, women are organising themselves to protect their rights.

They shift the boundaries, change the yardstick of standards, perceptions and public policies in order to rethink obsolete models of society.

Despite their key role, there is little support for feminist organisations. They have to meet the needs with uncertain resources, constantly redefining their priorities and readjusting their activities, facing threats and dangers in denouncing the attacks on women’s rights in their countries.

What Simone de Beauvoir said is more relevant than ever: “Never forget that it only takes a political, economic or religious crisis for women’s rights to be called into question. These rights can never be taken for granted. You must remain vigilant throughout your life.”

This onerous task is usually carried out in the shadows and under conditions that are rarely favourable.

So what can we do? Give up? 

No, feminists stand firm.

With tenacity, courage and a strong sense of commitment, the activists continue to advocate a feminist worldview, so that equality is no longer an option but a reality.

Come and meet them and discover the diversity of organisations supported by Feminists in Action!

Overview of the needs of feminist organisations in Global South

Adapting resources to the needs of organisations

Easing administrative requirements and budgetary constraints

Sustaining organisations’ financial resources

Feminists in Action called on the Egae Group to carry out an inventory of the feminist movement in the different countries where the project is being implemented. Figures from the study highlight the gap between existing funding and what feminist CSOs actually need.

Not only is funding limited and often difficult to access, particularly for smaller organisations, but it is also poorly adapted to the realities on the ground. Feminist organisations have to deal with the administrative burden of applying for funding and the constraints imposed by funders. The study undertaken by the Egae Group paints a bleak picture of the situation for women in the 30 countries covered by the Feminists in Action initiative. However, it also highlights the growing importance and dynamism of the feminist movements in these regions.

Today more than ever, feminist CSOs need to be supported in their operations and in implementing their projects, in order to guarantee their consolidation, development and autonomy.

The situation explained in a nutshell

the percentage of organisations with annual budgets of less than €50,000.

the percentage of feminist organisations that receive no public funding.

the percentage of organisations that have fewer than 3 employees.

Figures from the study carried out by the Egae Group

Activists' voices

Feminist activists are mobilising to advance the cause of women.

Through their stories, you will learn about their backgrounds, the difficulties they face, the hopes they have for the future and the power of their commitment on the ground.


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Of the total Feminists in Action budget, 50% is used to directly fund the projects or running costs of the organisations on the ground.

Grants awarded under this scheme range from €5,000 to €250,000.

Organisations that have the greatest difficulty in obtaining financial resources, in particular in accessing public funding, are given priority.

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A total of 65% of the funding allocated to women’s organisations goes to the African continent (sub-Saharan and North Africa) and 50% is directed at projects concerning women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR).

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A budget of almost €2,000,000 has been earmarked for developing the technical and institutional capacities of organisations and promoting their networking and the creation of partnerships. 

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