Our feminist resolutions for 2024

This year, grassroots organizations will continue their daily efforts to combat discrimination, violence, and injustice. The ongoing lack of respect for women’s rights and LGBTQ+ communities and the persistence of violence against them worldwide remain alarming. Feminists in Action is committed to supporting these efforts!

What are the first visible impacts of Feminists In Action ?

The initiative has funded over 230 organizations worldwide! Beyond financial aid, Feminists in Action helps these organizations grow stronger, more stable, and more visible.

“Some organizations didn’t have offices before Feminists in Action. They have also been able to develop essential documents (strategic plans, statutes, regulations) that enhance their credibility and legitimacy with donors.” — Rose Gbaguidi, Project Coordinator, Benin.

“In Cameroon, [the associations] are more active in the public sphere and are engaged in fundraising to implement their capacity-building plans.” — Joelle Nwid, Project Coordinator, Cameroon.

The project has also supported the creation of feminist association networks in some countries and regions, fostering new projects and collaborations among grassroots organizations!

“More importantly, unregistered social movements have successfully collaborated with local authorities, establishing networks with CSOs for advocacy purposes.” — Davit Choun, Project Coordinator, Cambodia.

2024: A New Year of Challenges for Feminists in Action

The team faces many challenges ahead. Each organization has its own needs, requiring almost tailor-made support. This demands time, financial resources, and human effort. After months of support, it’s crucial to ensure that these organizations can maintain what they have achieved.

“Some associations now have offices thanks to Feminists in Action and pay their rent through grants. But what’s next? Resources are needed to consolidate these gains and prevent reverting to their initial state.” — Rose Gbaguidi, Project Coordinator, Benin.

“Beyond the limited funding and the need to support more organizations across Lebanon, the main challenge is ensuring sustainable funding to maintain the momentum for these organizations to realize their vision. This is even more urgent as some organizations have already started seeking funding for 2024-2025.” — Mariam Al Khodari, Project Coordinator, Lebanon.

What are our prospects ?

The new year promises to be exciting! The team is currently developing a podcast series with Binge Audio, known for its engaged and feminist shows. Each episode will feature the voices of grassroots activists and highlight their work. They will tackle contemporary feminist issues.

But that’s not all! In the spring, a delegation of activists will visit Paris, following the footsteps of the delegation present in January 2023. The goal? To meet with political decision-makers for direct dialogue. This delegation will share their realities and needs, provide recommendations for the French feminist diplomacy strategy, and demonstrate the importance of continuing this significant initiative !

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